Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Wroclaw: Egg Cafe

Apparently it's been almost three years since my last post on this blog and the reason I came back from this hiatus is the Egg Cafe in Wroclaw. I have written quite a bit about coffee shops in my home town in the past but this one is particularly special as Egg Cafe seems to be as obsessed with surfing and coffee as I am; so it was love at first sight.

Full disclosure - I have been stalking the place on Insta since it opened and couldn't wait to pop in when I was next in Poland. So one weekend in March, despite only flying home for 24 hrs, a visit to Egg was high on my priorities list. After all, a family breakfast tastes even better when no one has to cook!

The place was relatively quiet for a Sunday morning - no London-style queues of brunch-goers out the door so we were able to be seated straight away - I was impressed already. The cafe is spread across two rooms and tastefully decorated throughout. It's warm and inviting despite its dark grey walls and is brightened up by decorations: plenty of surf photographs, plants, as well as wooden and copper accessories. You could be forgiven for thinking you're in sunny Sydney as the cafe is heavily influenced by Australian culture: from the pictures on the walls, Aussie-themed books laid out around the rooms to the down under inspired menu.

As to the main event - the coffee...well, it was delicious. I might've had three in the course of two hours...Egg Cafe is the sort of place you just want to chill in - a perfect spot for a lazy weekend brunch. Be prepared to stay longer than you planned, to order more than you expected and to smile wider than you thought possible.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

London Coffee Festival 2015

Kicking off the UK Coffee Week in style, the London Coffee Festival combined some of my favourite things: coffee (and espresso martinis!), music, art and food. If you missed it, and frankly, judging by the length of the queues outside the venue, you're in the minority, here are my highlights from this year's event. With Coffee Masters, coffee tasting, True Artisan classes, the Lab talks and many other attraction in different festival zones, absolutely every coffee lover could find something to put a smile on their face and keep them adequately caffeinated!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Barcelona: Satan's Coffee Corner

If things do actually 'happen for a reason' then the reason why our original airbnb apartment in Barcelona got flooded the night before our arrival and we stayed in one right opposite the Satan's Coffee Corner instead was so we could hang out in there every day over a long weekend.

The things you need to know about Satan's Corner:

The vibe: It's very chilled out - do not go there if you're in a rush (and, let's face it, who in Barcelona is?!), great music and very friendly staff.

The space: Hypnotising and stunning - windows from floor to ceiling, plenty of natural light and not too much clutter, I absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough of it. I loved the location in the Gothic quarter with old walls surrounding this modern room, I loved the sun flooding the space, I loved the bench in the corridor and the cacti above it, I loved the island in the middle covered with magazines...it all made me feel like I was back in New Zealand.

The coffee: At least 4 different blends in one week (so you never get bored) all from the Right Side Coffee Roasters - wonderful flavours served in funky mugs.

The food: The menu changes daily but you can flip through the notebook that contains it to see previous weeks. We sampled lunch options - sourdough sandwich with poached apples, kumquat and melted Gorgonzola (yum!) as well as breakfast - chia pudding with lots of crunchy toasted goodness (although the Japanese breakfast was rather tempting!)

All and all, the paths of Satan's and My Daily Grind were meant to cross. And I am so happy they have!