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La Finca Coffee in Granada

I've been spending Christmas in the south of Spain for the last 4 years. I love the relaxed atmosphere, the sun and the fact that me and my family can have some grilled fish on the beach instead of one of us slaving away in the kitchen most of Christmas day. Spanish cuisine and wine is also one of my favourites - let's face it, with 69 wine producing regions, how can this country not excel at wine making?! Spanish coffee on the other hand can be a bit hit and miss...and in the south it's usually miss - especially in the small chiringuitos by the beach. The same places which can serve you the most delicious catch of the day quite often have no idea what constitutes a good cup of coffee. Which is why coming across La Finca on my recent visit to the city of Granda was such a joy.

Tucked away in a small alleyway just around the corner from the cathedral, La Finca is a tiny coffee shop with minimalist interior. There are no seats, the coffee is to take away unless you want to p…

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